Home/Industry Automation

Smart Homes

Our Smart Home solutions for the residential market allow customers to control every aspect of a home including lighting, air conditioning, motorized curtains, security, irrigation, infra-red, multimedia, multi-room audio, and entertainment systems.

The offered Smart Home system traverses beyond basic automation by providing complex logic scenarios, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, text-to-speech, and special concept designs which cater to specific customers that wish to have a unique solution locally and on a world-wide scale.

Smart Hotels

Smart Hotel Solutions enable the hospitality industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs while at the same time providing total comfort and luxury to the guests.

In-room controls feature seamless integrated systems for lighting, temperature, curtains, entertainment, IPTV, and DND functions. The technology not only addresses the needs of sales and front office, but also of the engineering and maintenance, thus decreasing overheads and ensuring 100% uptime of the in-room systems to guarantee occupancy.

Smart Offices

Smart Office Solutions start with advanced conference room solutions and traverse the entire office. This includes automation of electrical devices within the conference rooms such as lighting and curtains, motorization and control of Audio Visual equipment and distribution systems, room scheduling, catering solutions, and video walls.

Home Cinemas

Home Cinema solutions go beyond simple high-resolution entertainment. Our customers enjoy an immersive experience bringing films to life and allowing customers to enjoy them as fully as their directors intended. We believe that a Home Cinema should incorporate sophisticated technology for sound proofing and acoustical treatment, have distinctive qualities that are found in studio quality audio, all coupled with a projection system that can create the illusion of reality. This is the formula which the Riddhi Enterprise Team adopts to transform a room from shell-and-core into a turn-key Home Cinema project with the highest quality finishing s and design.